Cherry grafting on cherries


Grafting cherries to cherries is very popular with gardeners. By itself, sweet cherry rarely produces a large crop, it is unstable to severe frosts, it can get sick and is often affected by pests. Cherry is much easier. That is why this resistant tree is suitable for grafting cherries. Cherry cherry grafting - all the details of the procedure can be found below in the article.

How to pick varieties?

Sweet cherry grafting

As a rule, they do not bother about the varieties of trees that are planted. Cherries are cherries, just like cherries, what difference does it have? But it turns out the difference is very large and much depends on the graft variety and stock.

For sweet cherries, the following varieties will be the best stock: "Mayak", "Late Pink", "Vladimirsky", "Uralskaya Ruby", "Magalebka", "Griot", "Lyubskaya", "VSL-2". Some varieties were created as ideal as a stock for the sweet cherry: "Colt", "Peak", "Gizella".

Among the most appropriate types of cherries that can be used as grafts are the following varieties: "Dagestan", "Krasna Kuban", "Homestead", "Bigarro", Dybera black, "Bagration".

When to plant a sweet cherry to a cherry?

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Treatment with antiseptic grafted wood

Vaccination time is very important. You can experiment throughout the year, but if the result is needed for sure and as soon as possible, it is recommended that the cherry cherry vaccination be carried out in the spring, namely in late March or early April, depending on the region.

Approximately 2 weeks at the end of March a period passes when the tree has already awakened from winter, but the buds have not yet swelled, and sap flow has not begun in the trunk and branches. It is at this time that you need to be vaccinated. Then the cutting will take root very quickly, grow together literally before our eyes in a short time.

In rare cases, vaccination is carried out in July or August. For this is used exclusively budding. This is a lack of time, since in spring you can choose any convenient method of vaccination for vaccination. It is important to complete all work six weeks before the first frost hits.

How to instill cherries?

Gardeners differ on how well the sweet cherry is planted. Many say it is bad, while others say it is good. Perhaps the case in compliance with technology vaccinations. So, how to plant a sweet cherry on a cherry?

Scheme of vaccination methods

  • First you need to find a small cherry shoot. It should not be very thin or thick - just an ordinary branch of 35-40 cm with a diameter of 6 mm to 1 cm. It is advisable to use a one-year-old branch. Stalk is selected with the kidneys, otherwise there will be no sense from the procedure.
  • Now it takes a stock. Grafting of cherries on cherries is carried out on a suitable branch. Its diameter should coincide with the diameter of a sprig of sweet cherry! In this case, the branch should be located at a height of 15-20 cm from the ground, if such are available. Pagon must be young 1-2 years old.
  • An equal cut is made on both branches (copulation method) so that they are perfectly aligned during the connection of the pagons.
  • You can make an improved copulation - make a cut with the tongue. It requires more skill, but more effective, so the risk is justified in this case. This graft is much better fixed. During the winding twigs or even after that, the chance of displacement is very low.
  • Another common method of grafting cherries on a suitable stock - T-shaped budding. It lies in the fact that in the T-shaped notch on the cherry must be inserted shield with a sweet cherry bud.
  • If the cherry cherry grafting is performed in the summer, it is worth doing budding. To do this, cut two peepholes cherries, and inserted into the bark of the cherry on both sides.
  • Place the scion must be tightly wrapped with tape or a strip of plastic bag.

What security measures to use?

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Winding after vaccination

Cherry is a heat-loving tree, and if we are talking about cuttings that have just been grafted, then they need warmth all the more. However, the cherry inoculation on cherries is carried out very early, as mentioned above, therefore, in order to save work from cold weather and possible frost, you can use a few simple techniques.

  • If it is possible to freeze outside, a plastic bag is put on a sprig over the scion and secured. Due to this inside it will be warm even with slight night frosts.
  • Winding is not removed throughout the year. Some gardeners relax her in July, but the risk is not worth it. It is best to leave everything as it is until next year and then remove the winding.
  • Snow plays an important role in preserving young grafted shoots. In winter, it protects the branches from frost. Therefore, if winter has little snow, it is necessary to spud a tree with snow on its own so that it is warm.
  • It is important to ensure that in the summer, the vaccination site is protected from direct sunlight. This can lead to drying of the branches until they grow together. If necessary, an artificial shadow is made.