Potato cultivar Impala


When choosing a variety for planting, gardeners are eyeing the many characteristics of potatoes. Unfortunately, not every variety has high rates. Potato Impala has a very good, stable yield and immunity to many diseases. You can learn more about its description, advantages and method of cultivation from this article.

Description of the potato variety Impala

Photo potato varieties Impala

Potatoes Impala - an early ripe grade, table type. Bred by Dutch breeders. It is grown mainly in the middle lane and in the south. In the northern areas, cultivation is possible, but only with quality care - there may not be enough sun there.

The bush grows on average up to 75 cm, upright. Consists of about 5 stems, although it may be more or less. The leaves are saturated green, medium size, even with a slight waviness along the edge. Flowers are white, typical potato shape and medium size. Under the bush, during the growing season about 8-16 tubers are formed.

Important! Since Impala gives an early harvest, in the southern regions of the gardeners have time to get as many as two crops per season!

The average mass of harvested potatoes is 90-150 g. The shape is oval. The peel is flat, eyes planted shallowly. The skin is thin, yellow. The flesh is also yellow. The composition of about 17% of dry substances, 10-14.5% of starch, as well as vitamins, minerals, organic acids. The taste of tubers is estimated at 4.9 points out of 5. During the heat treatment, the pulp does not change color. Potatoes are not boiled softly - they only crack, but do not fall apart. Suitable for frying, boiling, roasting, stewing.

Characteristics of the potato Impala

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Knowing the characteristics of the variety, it is safe to say whether it is suitable for cultivation in a particular case.

Potato Impala

  • The yield of about 180-360 kg / ha. Up to 21 medium-sized potatoes are harvested from the bush.
  • There is resistance to diseases such as potato cancer, common scab, viruses of group A. The nematode is not terrible.
  • Root crops have a marketable appearance, immediately after harvest they are ready for sale (of course, when they dry out).
  • The variety is not afraid of drought and develops normally even with insufficient watering.
  • Can be grown on any type of soil.
  • Transportability is high. During transportation, potatoes do not crumple and do not deteriorate if favorable conditions are created for them.
  • 95% keeping quality, and if you create the most comfortable conditions for storing crops, then keeping quality will be about 100%!
  • The taste of the potato is very good, the use is universal.

How to grow a variety?

Photo of the blooming potato Impala

Potatoes Impala is an early variety, so they are planted around April or May. Of course, it is impossible to hurry with this matter - you must wait for the warm weather. It is not necessary to germinate a variety, it is often planted immediately, taken from storage or after purchase. But before that, it is worth carefully sorting out the tubers, weed out all the bad ones and packaged in size. If the gardener wants to get an earlier harvest, it is worthwhile to germinate the tubers in advance.

A place for planting is chosen sunny, preferably one where they used to grow legumes, perennial or winter grasses. Plant a variety, as well as any other potato variety. Between the tubers leave about 30-35 cm, and between the rows of 60-70 cm. The level of penetration is 10 cm. If the earth is warmed and fertilized with nitrogenous substances, the seedlings will not take long to wait.

Important! If the potatoes are germinated, during planting it is necessary to handle them very carefully. Sprouts in no case break off, it is important to monitor their integrity, since even one damaged sprout can lead to slow development of the bush.

Care is loosening between rows, removing weeds. Bushes with growth spud. If pests are noticed, they can simply be assembled by hand, but if there are many, it does not hurt to spray the bushes with biological insecticides. It is not recommended to use chemistry due to the fact that the variety is early. For diseases, preventive measures are used - folk recipes. This variety is extremely rare, but in order not to lose the crop, you should not risk it. Impala is susceptible to late blight and rhizoctoniosis.

Watering potatoes

Watering needs regular, but not very frequent. Variety Impala tolerates drought well, but the constant high humidity can lead to the development of rot. The first new potatoes can be tasted after 45 days. A full crop ripens by 60-75 days, depending on the climate. Potatoes are stored very well, but usually they are consumed young.

Reviews gardeners about the potato variety Impala

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Testimonials from people who have already grown Impala potatoes make it possible to understand whether the variety is as good as the manufacturer claims.

Potatoes with greens

  • Timur Semin: “I’m planting Impala for the first year and recommend it to everyone I know. These are very tasty potatoes, especially when they are young and not harder to grow than other types. It’s stored well, especially in good conditions, so there are no complaints."
  • Valentina Matveeva: “I cannot say that the variety is directly the best of all, but it is quite decent. Yield and quality of tubers are not bad. I prefer the white root crop more, as for me it tastes better”.
  • Vitaly Moroz: “For several years I tried to find a reliable supplier of Impala. For my family, this is the best variety. We grow every year and the yield is always high. True, there have been problems with late blight, since then we spray planting“ grandma's recipes ”from the disease and no problem".
  • Maria Soltanova: “We grow Impala potatoes for sale. People really like it, they rake it in a matter of hours. It is transported very well, without any special damage. They were taken in boxes, bags, nets - they do not choke in any form.