Early apple varieties


Early, they are summer varieties of apple trees, can be grown in almost any climatic conditions. For fruiting they need minimum conditions, and ripening occurs in a short time. The best early varieties of apple trees for different regions, as well as columnar varieties will be described below in the article.

Top Early Grades

The best early varieties of apple trees are distinguished by high yields, relatively simple cultivation and many other qualities.

Photos of Williams Pride Modi apples

  • "Williams Pride" - variety of early breeding, is considered one of the best early. The tree grows big. Harvest is usually formed on annual growths, spur and kolchatka. Fruits of 150-180 g, flat-round shape. The color is dark cherry outside and cherry inside. The taste is sweet. Harvest ready for harvest at the end of July. Winter hardiness is good. There is immunity to scab, powdery mildew.
  • "Modi" - Italian variety. The tree is average in height, skoroplodnoe, fruitful. Pruning and thinning of the crown - mandatory growing conditions! Apples up to 200 g, light green but with a rich red blush that can cover most of the fruit. The peel is smooth. The flesh is creamy, crunches when biting. The taste is sweet and sour, fresh. There is immunity to scab. Easy to transport.

Prime Gold and Airlie Geneva

  • "Prime Gold" - variety of French selection. Tree srednerosloye, matures early. The crown is pyramidal, wide, not very thick. Apples 180-200 g, almost round. The peel is smooth, color bright yellow with a dark subcutaneous point. The flesh is sweet and sour, juicy. Ripens from the end of August. Winter hardiness is good, the tree will give birth annually.
  • "Airlie Geneva" - The earliest American variety. Maturation is observed in mid-July. Fruiting begins in the second year after planting! Fruits within 150 g, green-yellow with red in a strip of blush. The taste is sweet and sour. Productivity is annual, high. May be affected by scab, powdery mildew, and bacterial burn. Transportable.

This also includes the following varieties: “Melba”, “Primula”, “Piros”.

Early apple trees for central Russia

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In central Russia, the climate is temperate, not very hot, but not particularly cold. Yet, not all early apple varieties are recommended for planting in this area.

Photos of Bely filling varieties, early pear

  • "White filling" - an ancient view of an apple tree. The tree is medium thick, has a wide, oval crown. Fruiting from 5-7 years with a break of one year. Apples up to 200 g, and those that are harvested at the end of fruiting are slightly less - up to 140 g. The shape of the fruits is almost round. The peel is green-yellow. The ribs are mild. Taste is sweet-sour, pulp granular. To make the harvests big, other varieties are being planted nearby, like Antonovka. Ripens around July, but not subject to storage. Winter hardiness is high.
  • "Pear early" gives yields in the range of 126-219 kg / tree. The variety is resistant to many known diseases. Frost resistance is good. The main disadvantage of the variety is that apples ripen not immediately, but gradually, therefore, it is necessary to harvest in 3-4 approaches.

Candy and Chinese Gold

  • "Candy" - An interesting sort of apple. The tree grows up to 7 meters. Apples in the range of 80-120 g, rounded. The taste is like a banana and pineapple at the same time, very sweet. The rind is yellow-red, and the flesh is light. Use is universal. Productivity 50-100 kg / tree, depending on the care and age of the tree. There is resistance to frost down to -35 degrees.
  • "Chinese golden" gives small apples, weighing 30 g, yellow. Taste is sweet-sour, saturated. The tree grows up to 4 meters maximum. Fruits in 3-4 years after planting. Fruits ripen in July. Productivity from a tree to 30 kg. Use is universal. Frost resistance to -30 degrees.

Also in central Russia well grow apple trees "Grandma", "Borovinka".

Early varieties of apples for the Moscow region

Early apple varieties

In the suburbs you can grow all the same early apple varieties as in central Russia. Although in terms of growing need to be approached more closely. For example, trees should be planted on high ground to prevent water from stagnating. It is also not recommended to plant apples where high groundwater is located.

In terms of care, do not forget about all the necessary measures to ensure that the tree grows well: watering, fertilizing, pruning. Mulching in this area is rarely used.

Varieties for the northern regions of Russia

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The northern regions of Russia are characterized by long winters and a short warm period of the year. Professionals recommend growing in these areas only the early varieties of crops, which probably will have time to give the crop before the onset of cold weather. But if we talk about trees, then you can grow not only early but also winter-hardy varieties that can withstand severe frosts in winter, and not only give an early harvest.

Photo of Quinty, Orlinka variety apples

  • "Kvinti" ripens in the third decade of July. Vigorous tree with sprawling, but rare crown. The apples weigh in the range of 140 g. The color is blurred, red. The tasting score is high.
  • "Orlinka" - tall tree with a crown like a ball. Branches are straight, compactly located. The apples grow to 120 g on average, but can reach 150 g. The shape is rounded-flat or round. The ribs are mild. The color of the fruit is light yellow.
  • "Lungwort" was bred by Russian breeders. Fruits in 4-5 years of age. Yields big, annual. Fruits in the range of 100-150 g, flat-round shape. Color mottled and striped. The primary color is yellow, and the top coat is red. The flesh is sweet, spicy, cream-colored.

In addition, in the northern regions you can grow such winter-hardy early varieties such as: "Modi", "White filling."

Colony early apple trees

Apple-tree early and Dialogue

Coloniform early apple varieties are gaining popularity. They are not only easy to grow, but in addition, they do not take up much space on the site, while giving a great harvest!

  • "Early Apple-tree" - fruitful (5-8 kg / tree), dessert grade. Apples are aromatic, sweet with sourness, yellow color with a blush. The weight of the fruit is about 120 g. The flesh is creamy, crunches when biting. The tree is medium thick. Fruits in August. Frost resistance to -30 degrees Celsius.
  • "Dialogue" - srednerosly grade of an apple. Apples are yellow, large, slightly flattened. Inside the pulp is juicy, sweet. It is resistant to frost. The yield is large, stable.
  • Medoc - half dwarf species, grows up to 2.5 meters. Productivity is high. There is resistance to frost, some diseases, pests. Apples are yellow-white. The rind is thick and thick. The pulp is grainy, sweet (honey) and juicy. Each fruit weighs in the range of 100-250 g.
  • "The president" - Another semi-dwarf variety. Very fruitful, resistant to frost and some diseases. Apples are fragrant, pale yellow or pale green with a pink blush. Fruit weight 150-200 g. The flesh is fine-grained, with a high content of juice.

Summer varieties of apple trees, despite the short period of ripening, give very tasty, juicy, sweet apples, although the taste is directly dependent on the variety. And yet professional gardeners believe that the ripening period does not harm the taste of apples. These varieties are grown for sale, for personal consumption or canning.