TGB Incubator


Poultry can be raised naturally. But many modern breeds have partially or completely lost their maternal instinct. The TGB Incubator solves this problem. It has many positive characteristics and is considered one of the best modern types of similar devices.

Features and functions of the TGB incubator

The TGB incubator is produced by a fairly well-known company, NPP EMF. The device is made of durable, metal frame, which can be partially disassembled. The case itself is made of cloth, inside there is insulation and a convenient heater. Due to this, inside the device, an ideal microclimate is achieved.

This type of incubator has a very interesting option - sound output stimulator. At certain times, the chicks in the eggs begin to make a clicking sound. The biostimulator distinguishes this sound and begins to imitate it, but already on high purity. Because of this, the chicks gradually adjust their biorhythm to this sound. As a result of the work of the stimulator, the hatchability of chicks increases, and the incubation period does not increase, as often happens.

Interesting! The fabric case is easily erased, and all other parts are easily washed out with a simple sponge.

Another unusual feature is aero ionization. Almost every instrument has a so-called Chizhevsky chandelier. Thanks to her, the number of negatively charged ions in the incubator increases, the young growth develops more healthy, without deviations. As a result, the percentage of developed but not hatched chicks is reduced.

There are also electronic temperature controllers in the TGB incubators, electronic moisture meters that improve the microclimate inside the device.

Photo Incubator TGB 210 (PBA) BIO

BIO function

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The TGB Incubator is famous for its BIO function, but what is it? BIO is a thermocontrast temperature regime, combined with a random turn of the tray with eggs. In fact, it allows you to simulate a hen, which has a positive effect on hatchability of eggs.

When this feature is enabled, the temperature in the incubator sometimes changes. First, it is in the specified parameter, then it is underestimated by 1 degree or slightly less, and then it returns to the previous level. Because of this, ventilation is improved, which enriches the egg with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. As for the temperature of the egg itself, such slight decreases and increases do not harm it.

The rotation of the tray in this case is close to natural. Every quarter of an hour the tray randomly leans to one side or the other at a random angle. So the eggs warm up evenly, as under the hen, which is very useful for them.

Photo of a plastic tray for eggs incubators TGB

Technical characteristics of the TGB incubator

As can be seen from the functional and assembly, the TGB incubator is much better than most other species on sale. But to understand all its features, you need to consider the technical characteristics.

  • Capacity at the largest model 280 chicken eggs.
  • Power is supplied from 220 V.
  • Maximum power 118 watts.
  • Rotation of the tray in automatic mode is carried out every 2 hours. But there are also models with manual egg turning.
  • The temperature inside the device can vary in the range of -40 ... +90 degrees, but in the settings you can set the degrees within + 36 ... +39.
  • It can be connected to the car battery if the electricity is suddenly turned off.
  • The weight of the device for 210 eggs is only 10 kg, which is not very much, considering that incubators are stationary and moved only in rare cases.
  • Humidity is regulated within 40-85%.
  • Good ventilation.
Important! Due to the fact that the temperature in the TGB incubator is evenly distributed, hatchability increases significantly.

Almost every instrument has a so-called Chizhevsky chandelier.

The disadvantages of the device

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About the quality, features of the TGB incubator has already been described a lot, but does it have any disadvantages?

  • No viewing window. To check the eggs have to open the incubator.
  • On the sharp edges of the frame, you can easily get hurt. To avoid this, you need to carefully assemble the structure or just grind off the sharpest places.
  • The fabric case is fixed on the frame with zippers. Many farmers do not like it, because the lightning does not serve for a long time and can quickly break, especially in farm conditions.
  • Eggs in trays tightly put does not always work. To make it work, they are usually shifted by foam. If this is not done, when turning, the eggs may slip or bump against each other and crack.
  • The quality of the swivel cable is quite low, so that it does not fail at the crucial moment, it is better to replace it in advance.
Important! When working sound stimulation output, the device can be quite noisy.

Before laying the eggs in the incubator, it is worth checking them on the ovoscope

TGB Incubator Modifications

There are several types of TGB incubator. They mainly differ in the number of eggs that they hold. Incubator models for 70, 140, 210, 280 eggs are on sale (TGB 70, TGB 140, TGB 210, TGB 280). Of course, the greater the capacity, the higher the price. But the cost is also affected by additional features. The presence of additional functions is always indicated in the labeling.

  • "BIO" is a special function of the device described above.
  • “A” - automatic tray rotation.
  • "L" - the presence of chandeliers Chizhevsky.
  • "P" - the ability to connect to the battery (car).
  • "B" - the presence of a moisture meter (but it is in almost any model, so it may not be indicated).

The larger the incubator, the more components it contains. For example, in small models up to 210 eggs there are only 2 fans, and in the model for 280 eggs there is also a third one, mounted on top, on the upper part of the frame.

Incubator Instructions

For the TGB incubator to serve faithfully for many years, it is necessary to use it correctly.

  • The incubator is installed only in ventilated rooms so that fresh air can get to the ventilation openings.
  • You can not put it in direct sunlight, otherwise it will start to malfunction in temperature.
  • You should not put the incubator near the heating devices, window or entrance to the room.
  • The temperature in the room where the incubator is used is maintained at + 20 ... +25 degrees Celsius.

The fabric case is easily washable, and all other parts are easily washed out with a simple sponge

Important! Before laying eggs in the incubator, it is worth checking them out with an ovoscope. So you can pre-identify damaged copies.

All incubators are shipped unassembled. Before work they are collected, if necessary, activate the automatic rotation of the eggs (switch in the lower corner of the frame). Before laying the eggs in the tray, located at the bottom of the design, you need to pour water. Exhibited the required humidity, temperature on the control panel. If necessary, the biostimulator is turned on, the necessary figure is set for a particular bird. For example, for chickens - 1, and for ducks - 3. Now you can lay eggs. They are laid out always with a sharp end down.

After breeding the birds, when the chicks hatch, wipe the incubator with a damp cloth. After the appliance is clean, it is necessary to go inside with a sponge moistened in a soap or alcohol solution to disinfect all parts of the incubator, then rinse it with water.

TGB Incubator Reviews

Opinions of farmers on the TGB incubator are usually positive, because small flaws cannot overshadow the advantages of this device.

  • Maxim Lavrov: “The TGB incubator is more than satisfied. I purchased a model of TGB 280 for 280 eggs. For 5 months of work I brought out chickens, quails, ducks. There are no problems with the device, there are no complaints, but there are also difficulties that we had to face. “If there is no water left in the trays, the temperature can increase dramatically, so you need to keep an eye on it. In addition, after 3 months of work, the metal frame began to rust. To save the device, we had to use paint to prevent corrosion. But I didn’t find any more flaws."
  • Vera Borisenko: “When we first used the TGB incubator for 210 eggs, there were a lot of problems. At first, the water wasn’t poured into the pan, then they couldn’t figure out how to set the temperature. Besides, electricity was turned off 3 times during the incubation. battery. Strangely enough, all the chicks hatched. Now we use it regularly to breed different species of bird. "
  • Anton Stolyar: "The TGB incubator is very convenient and compared to many other types is much better. It is easy to wash, the cover is well washed, the hatchability is high. The most difficult thing is to understand how to assemble it properly, and then understand the options and settings, which is not always easy At first, we had a lot of problems, we even wanted to sell the device, but after the third breeding of chicks, there were no more questions to work with it, so this is a matter of practice. "